Invisibilities at the Edges, UCSD

Invisibilities at the Edges: Contaminated Milk as Invisible Ink


human milk on paper, raw (excerpt)



For my experimental drawings with milk I have been contrasting two apparently conflicting fields: (human) milk as material, usually signifying care, love, growth, possibly dependence, and natural nurturance, and often fascinating and beautifully rendered technological, historical imagery, particularly from the field of engineering, often seen as more cerebral and as polar oppo…

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DIY Tetrapaks mammamil ICH AG in Bethanien, 2011




Habitus Manipulator

Beyond Reproduction:Mothering at Kunstraum Bethanien

Hauptstadtkulturfonds/Böll Stiftung

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 programming + construction design/ sketch for installation 






testing/ don't go





sit to soothe the chair













Clouds for Hera

Museum of Medical History, Berlin

photo: Tatjana Fell


Habitus Manipulator Version - Kunstraum Bethanien


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Iron your art

2007 - Milky Images - contextualising




Part I - Iron (Y)our Art

ironed milk pillow installation

2 x 120 x 120 x 40 cm on red wall





Part II - Iron (Y)our Art


installed on white latex covered ironing board




Silkscreen on paper, embossed cover

The pages have been printed with overly saturated ink:

You can not see the image without getting your hands dirty.