Teaching at Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar and Institute for Art in Context, UdK, Berlin


Teaching at University of the Arts, Berlin, since 2016 - Institute for Art in Context

Summer Semester 2016 - Experimental Drawing 2 or 4 credits

Winter Semester 2016/17 Temporary Interventions in Public Space, Case Study: Charite Medical Center

Teaching at Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies

Hired as Assistant Professor in 2009,

teaching as Associate from 2011-2015, as Adjunct since 2015


Project based teaching approximately 25-30 students from 18…

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(Un)Disciplined Body / EXCHANGE in Athens




Prof. Danica Dakic, Anki Hannemann, Lisa Glauer


Teaching Project Description: 

(Un)Disciplined Body                                               

Temporary Interventions in Public Space

The (individual) body’s encounter with space,…

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Text: Lisa Glauer/Anke Hannemann

Monday Night Lecture Series

2009-2011 with Nadin Resche

2012 - 2015 with Anki Hannemann



"In Zusammenarbeit mit der ACC Galerie Weimar, führt der internationale MFA Studiengang Public Art and New Artistic Strategies seit mehr als 10 Jahren die unabhängige Vortragsserie Monday Night Lectures (MNL) durch. Den Studierenden, Lehrenden der Hochschule und der breiteren Öffentlichkeit Einblicke in das Denken und die Strategien zeitgenöss…

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"Citymap" war ein Projekt des Masterprogramms „Kunst im öffentlichen Raum und neue künstlerische Strategien“ mit der Re-Soupalt Gastprofessorin Danica Dakic und den künstlerischen Mitarbeiterinnen Lisa Glauer und Nadin Reschke.


Developing an artistic statement, manifesto or intervention dealing with the art/labor/market


Lisa Glauer

MFA/MS/MA; 6 credits; Mondays, 10-13 in the MFA Projektspace, unless otherwise stated. Winter Semester 2014/15; Bauhaus-Universität Weimar



The  painting Charlotte du Val D’ogne, 1801, on view at the

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, has been variously

attributed to Jacques Louis David, Antoinette Charpentier and

Marie Denise Villers. Depending…

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Graduate Seminar 8 / 6 Credits 


Within the context of a mobile public poised between tourism and migration, private and public (re)presentations  of cultural and collective memory are magnified, examined and set in relation to the unspoken in the relatively flexible space of the public realm. Processes of exclusion and their cultural determination are explored.


Drawing on personal memory and contextualizing this within the arts by examin…

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Graduate Seminar  

Lisa Glauer

MFA Raum 1, Donnertags 10-13 Uhr



“Dirt is matter in the wrong place”

(Mary Douglas, Purity and Danger, 1966)


The relationship between location and dirt, space and excess, absorption and waste, abject, object and subject, trash and junk on the one hand and the relative purity of the art context will be theoretically explored


What is re-incorporated, kept inside, mainstreamed, and what is excluded, ignored or expelled? We will allow ourselves to speculate wil…

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Experimental Drawing Studio arrived Monday, Dec. 9 in Weimar

and were offered a Tour of the Buchenwald Memorial sight with Daniel Gaede, who focused the tour on Drawing & Buchenwald





Dec. 8– 12, 2014 Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar

Initiated, developed and organized by Lisa Glauer

Strategic Partnerships with UCSD


This intensive workshop is based…

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