Exhibition at alpha nova - futura, Berlin

March 19 tp May 1

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Domestic Warscapes deals with the socio-economic and ecological results of a brutal border drawn between Tijuana (Mexico) and San Diego (USA) and the resulting penetration of environmental poisons into the human body on both sides. Breastmilk ordered online and purchased on location at specifically arranged places is used as drawing material by the artist. Glauer transfers images of war machines and industrial facilities, taken from propaganda symbolisms of a hegemonial concept of man over nature, into an animation film. The process is also a discursive interactive method: with the performance plotting human border milk a refurbished plotter becomes a drawing machine. During the performance ironing human border milk the milk drawings are burnt into visibility by ironing. Due to the absence of an immediate verifiability of the invisible drawings, ironing them becomes a cognitive process.



plotted ink & human milk ironed. Source: map of naval base.


below: view of exhibition



deconstructing motion on an aircraft carrier. stopping film, dissecting the images, laying bare the process of

emphasizing affective aspects, thereby commenting image history visually

before re-animating the motionless sequential images.